Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life goes on

Once again I see that the time has flown and I've been remiss about updating here. Work calls, or the kids, or the house, or sleep.

In general, we are busy, tired, but good. I quit the therapy sessions because I just didn't feel like I was getting enough out of it for the money. I've been so busy with work and home stuff the past few months I haven't even had much time to think about it all, but I know at some point I'll need to revisit the issues that drove me there in the first place. At the same time I have to say that life is pretty good and I can't (or at least I shouldn't) complain.

Ben has entered the "terrible twos" with a vengeance. The hitting and tantrums are tiresome, but he's so cute he charms the pants off of everyone. He's picking up words at a rapid pace right now, though he's still far behind where his sister was (verbally that is) at the same age, so we are keeping a watchful eye (or ear in this case) on things. I seem to have been blessed with two really strong-willed kids. Everyone told me that he'd surely be more mild-mannered than his big sis, but so far he seems to be following right along in her stubborn footsteps.

He regressed a lot with regard to bedtime and sleeping through the night from November until last week! But I think we're over the worst of it and the past week he's gone down well and slept through the night. Thank goodness!

Ben loves to be read to and will hand me a book and say "sit" if I'm standing up. Sometimes he'll just say "read, read, read". He just discovered "Where the Wild Thing Are" and now walk around roaring. He says "tchoo tchoo twain". He'll eat almost anything, when he's in the mood to eat that is. He wants to be with his sister always and for some reason only seems to want me when he wakes up at 5:30am. I suspect this is just fine with my husband.

My Lucy is more of the same. Still reads constantly and still struggles with math. She takes ballet and tap. She also plays soccer and swims. She would like to add in piano, drama, art, and other styles of dance, but of course there aren't enough hours in the day. She has two really good friends. Three is a tough number for friends, but they seem to handle it well enough. We've sent her to and hosted many sleepovers this year. I think we need fewer, they never get enough sleep and then she's a cranky mess. But they love to be together and even after 24 hours will complain when its time to go home.

She is still a great big sister, but more often wants to be left alone. We understand but its sad to see Ben stand outside her door and cry. Luckily he can usually be distracted by a book or a song.

As for the grownups in the family. We are currently in the planning stages of building a new house. We'll be building on our own lot, which means packing up and moving twice. The financing is tight, even for a relatively modest new home, so I'm alternately excited and terrified. There are so many variables and so many decisions and I already have a full plate; it's very stressful. Plus, to be honest, I know we're lucky to be able to do anything, but we'll do this exactly once in our lifetimes, and its a little disappointing to be compromising so much on what we want so that we can afford to do it at all. I do try to remember that no matter what it will be a huge step up from what we have right now. If I can just survive the process!

And that ends the update portion of today's post. In possibly more fun news, after talking about it for years, we finally hired a professional photographer to take some family photos back in October. (Wow, I really can't believe that was 3 1/2 months ago already.) Here are some of my favorites.