Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Stuff

In case I haven't mentioned it before (but I think I have) I like to shop. Well, really I love to shop. It's probably not healthy, but it is what it is. One of the things I really enjoyed when I was pregnant with my daughter was the freedom to shop. I mean who could argue with it -- we had to have a crib and other nursery furniture and bedding and clothes and gear. This time around I've been more subdued with the spending for several reasons. First of all, the paranoia - need I say more? Secondly, while there are a few things we need because we got rid of stuff or just need to replace old stuff, we actually have much of what's necessary. We have a crib, dresser, glider, and more than enough toys. Thirdly, we're trying to save our money so that I can actually stay home with the Bumblebee for a few months after he's born.

Then again. This baby is a boy. That means we'll need new clothes, since the vast majority of the Ladybug's clothing was and is decidedly girlie. Also, while I did not go overboard with the nursery decor--it wasn't pink and it was definitely mix-and-match--it's also fairly girlie. We'll keep the wall color (pale green) and the furniture, but we definitely need new bedding and some stuff for the walls.

I've done more than a fair amount of internet window shopping for the stuff we do need, but I still can't bring myself to buy anything "big" in size or expense.
I have, however, bought a few cute outfits and stuffed animals. So far it's been enough to satisfy this shoppers soul. One of the things I recently bought was a green blanket that my daughter picked out when we were shopping together last weekend. She wanted to buy several blankets and stuffed animals, but I convinced her that we have plenty of time and didn't need to buy it all in one day! In addition, we received our first gift (aside from the few things we got from our parents at Christmas) in the mail the other day. A handmade blanket from my husband's aunt. It was such a surprise and inspired me to take some photos. So, without further ado, here are the few new items awaiting our Ben Bumblebee.

(Weird -- the walls look blue in this photo but they are really "Filmy Green")

I love the horse, take a look at his cute mane and tail.

This is the blanket my daughter picked out. The picture does not do it justice, it is soooo soft.

This is the blanket my husband's aunt made.

I love these little outfits from O.ld N.avy

I gave this to my husband at Christmas, the back says "the world needs messy people"

I was ordering some maternity stuff from the Ga.p and couldn't resist these cuties.

Bored yet? ;)

My Sweet Girl

Ok, so this is going to be the third post about my daughter and I'm sorry if it's boring as hell. But I suck at keeping a journal and at least this way I'm documenting some stuff for myself for the future. Also, while I think about this pregnancy all the time and have a running dialogue in my head of things that I could write about here, it's pretty much all the same (and even more boring)--still hard to believe it's real; kicking a lot, which reassuring; time feels at a standstill; my back hurts; my ribs hurt; will May EVER get here; blah blah blah...

Anyway, on to the actual post. I never ever thought it was possible to love anything or anybody as much as I do my kid. I'm sure almost any parent would say the same, but it really is indescribable. The funny thing is that I love my parents and I have a really good relationship with them and always have, but still I just can't wrap my brain around the idea that they feel about me the way I feel about my daughter. It's not that intellectually I don't believe it, but, well, it's weird I just can't imagine it. Which is why, when my daughter tells me that she loves me more than I love her (this is sort of silly competition we engage in constantly -- I love you XXX much...) I think to myself "no way in the world!"

The point of all that. Just to say that as much as I love her, there is also no one on this earth who can drive me crazy and frustrate me as much as my own child. She has got to be one of the most stubborn individuals I have ever met. I know that I am not a great disciplinarian (and my husband and I are working very hard these days on that aspect of our relationship with our daughter so she doesn't grow into a true spoiled brat), but while I recognize my own weaknesses as a parent, I truly truly believe that our problems with her behavior are primarily due to her strong-willed nature. (I can only hope that someday she'll apply the same stubborness that drives me crazy to her school work or a sport or something productive!)

This past Tuesday was a particularly trying day. My husband is out of town, it was a teacher workday to begin with and I was working from home so we got out of the house quite late, and then she came home early from school due to bad weather. My husband and I often refer to her as Jekyll and Hyde because her behavior is so variable, but disruptions to our regular schedule and long stretches at home never bode well for her behavior. So, I should have been prepared for it, but as the day went on I didn't handle her attitude at all well and that just made things worse. Nevertheless, in true Jekyll and Hyde style she did have some great moments and fortunately I have photos to remind myself that the day wasn't all bad. I had previously promised her that we could make a cake and surprise my husband with it when he got home from his trip. So, we made the cake and she decorated it (I helped with about 1/2 of the letters, but the rest was all her) for her daddy.

Then she made him a special welcome home picture, which might just be one my favorite pictures of hers ever and she draws A LOT!

And of course the best part of any day with her is bedtime. Prepping for bed may not always be the best, but our regular routine includes snuggle time once the lights are out. She will even forgo stories or dessert if we're running late so that we can have our snuggle time. Sometimes, if she's not too sleepy, snuggle time includes talking and laughing and silliness, but last night she was sleepy and so she curled up right next to me and was quiet except for frequently telling me "mommy I love you". No better way to end a day than that!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fashion Sense

One thing I look forward to with this new baby is the chance (for a few years at least) to have control over what he wears. I miss the days of picking cute outfits out for my daughter. Not so much because I'm a control freak, but because the outfits she picks out for herself are crazy. Much as I try to buy a lot of her clothes in complimentary colors and styles, she manages to put the craziest outfits together most days. My husband and I long ago decided that so long as what she wears is weather appropriate it's not a fight worth getting into. (However, when she's older and wants to wear some tummy revealing shirt with a micromini that will all change!) So here I present to you so photos of her in the outfit she choose to wear to a birthday party last weekend. Now keep in mind that we wouldn't let her wear the dress-up dress or the cape to school, but in terms of the overall composition and effect, the outfit doesn't differ much from many that she wears to school.


I just got this email from my MIL


PLEASE be careful on the slippery, icy steps and sidewalks!


I KNOW she sent it because she cares. But all caps and an exclamation point?! I mean really, I bet you could ask anyone who knows me and none would describe me as reckless. That she feels the need to send this just drives me wild! I know it shouldn't bug me so much, but it just does.

Thanks for listening to my vent.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Teeth

As I look down at my growing belly it seems almost inconceivable that in a little over three months I will in all likelihood be bringing my baby boy home and that, in the scheme of things, not too many months later that baby will be sprouting baby teeth.

At the same time it is almost inconceivable that my sweet little baby girl, who came into this world 8 weeks early at 4 lbs 2 oz, is now 6 1/2 and LOSING her baby teeth!

She lost her first tooth back in November and has been anxiously awaiting the loss of the second bottom tooth, which became loose shortly after she lost the first one.*
She talks often of the tooth fairy and how she wants her to bring a real magic wand (much as she wanted Santa to bring one). Tonight at dinner she was playing with the wiggly tooth and said to me "I think there could be a tooth fairy, but I think a lot of the time it's parents sneaking into their kids rooms and leaving money." I had a really hard time not laughing, but managed to ask why she thought that and she said "because fairies aren't real." Here's a kid struggling with what she wants to believe versus what she knows. Despite that statement, when the tooth feel out while she was brushing her teeth a mere 20 minutes later, she got so excited and immediately started talking about the note she had to write to the tooth fairy.

Here's that note with the translation below.

Translation: Dear Tooth Fairy: I lost a tooth but please don't take it. Love Lucy
P.S. As for the gift. Please bring me a wand. P.P.S. Please don't take the note. Love Lucy. If you can't give me the wand just give me money and please give me a real picture of yourself. Love Lucy.

I'm glad she gave me an out with the money alternative, but the picture request has me stumped. ;)

*I seriously do not recall it taking so long to lose a tooth once it became wiggly when I was a kid, but with both of the teeth she's lost it's been months.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

So, we fled the DC area and headed to the in-laws for the long weekend. Now that it's inauguration day I'm more than a little sad to be missing out on the fun, but I need to remind myself how much I hate crowds and being cold! Anyway, I think the baby must be kind of excited about today too, because he's been kicking up a storm for the past 12 hours. When I crawled into bed last night it felt as if he were doing gymnastics in there. Then, for the first time, I was actually woken up in the night by some strong kicks, and he's been a lot more active throughout this morning than usual.

I'm 22 weeks and 3 days today. The last couple of weeks have moved so slowly. I have a feeling the rest of this pregnancy is going to feel like an eternity. Some days I'm pretty comfortable with the idea that everything is fine and will be fine. I even ordered a few items of baby clothes along with some maternity wear from the G.ap last week, and my husband, MIL and I went downtown yesterday to visit a baby store. I'm definitely in full-on shopping mode (I love the internet for that!), but still can't bring myself purchase any of the few "big" things we need.

My next appointment is still 2 weeks away, but then I have another appointment 2 weeks after that and that'll put me at 26 weeks. I know I shouldn't wish away the pregnancy, but a big part of me just wants to skip it and get to the real goal, which is a healthy baby!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

21 weeks down and 17 to go

It's 9:30 in the morning and I'm still in bed! This doesn't happen very often so I'm loving it. I wouldn't have minded a little extra sleep, but about an hour ago the Ladybug came in with different plans for me. After about 30 minutes of snuggling and talking, she left to go make pancakes with Hubby while I laid in bed and enjoyed feeling the Bumblebee's morning exercise routine. And now I'm enjoying the convenience and luxury of having both a laptop and a wireless connection!

We have no big plans this weekend, so I'm hoping to get caught up on my to do list and relax a bit. I need to collect all the paperwork for the mortgage refinancing that we just initiated (so excited about the great rate we got!). We're also scheduled to go meet with a local builder about possibly knocking down our house and building a new one! I love the houses that this guy has built, so part of me is excited and hopeful, but deep down I really think his homes are much more than we can afford. At the same time, part of me thinks we're crazy to even be considering this right now, with a baby on the way and a lot of unpaid maternity leave on the horizon. But we'll have a better sense in a few hours.

On the baby front, the shopping bug has bit hard. I ordered a bunch of clothes from a couple of weeks back. I now have to return a bunch because I forgot how small their stuff runs. It all fits now, but certainly won't as I get bigger. Yesterday I ordered some stuff from G.ap and Ol.d Na.vy and while I was there couldn't resist ordering a few things for the baby! Stills feels a little like tempting fate, but I realize that if something bad happens a few new baby items in the house won't make me feel worse than I already would. I also ordered one new baby sheet. After doing a little research we've opted to go without the traditional bumper. The SIDS awareness groups and some consumer groups recommend against them and I don't need anything to make me feel more paranoid. So, we'll go with a mesh "bumper" AND save lots of money. HaHaHaHaHa. Just means I'll spend it on something else. Um like this wall mural maybe

Though we did get rid of some of the baby stuff like the bouncy seat, the exersaucer, etc, last year when I was getting really frustrated with the lack of space in our house and really depressed about the lack of a new baby in the house, we still have most of the basics, particularly the most expensive stuff. That means I can spend a little money on some fun stuff without feeling like I'm breaking the bank. Ok, now I'm just babbling. Hmmm, it's 10 now, I should really get up and shower now, don't you think?

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Aching Back

hurts so badly right now that I'm seriously about to cry. Trying to actually concentrate and get any work done is futile. I've tried standing, stretching, walking around, practically lying down in my chair, and sitting up as straight as possible in my chair, but NOTHING helps. I hate to complain. I'm sooo grateful to be pregnant and nearly 21 weeks along, but this is just debilitating.

Thank goodness it's Friday. Not that my back feels any better at home, but at least I don't have to worry about trying to get work done when I'm there.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

20 weeks 3 days and all is good

This morning we went in for the 20 week anatomy scan. All is well. My blood pressue was 112/62. That was a pleasant surprise because while I hadn't been nervous at all the last couple of days, last night I had a horrible dream and then I didn't feel the baby move when I woke up and I almost always feel him first thing in the morning and before bedtime. So, let's just say I was feeling a bit anxious in the waiting room. Fortunately, the worry was for nothing as the doctor said "everything looked wonderful" and she was glad that I'd finally gained a few more pounds (which I found funny because I feel enormous for 20 weeks!) The baby was actually measuring a few days ahead and is currently 75 percentile (about 14 ounces), so the doc said it was no wonder I was feeling like my belly was suddenly a lot bigger. Next appt in 4 weeks is just a regular appt, but 2 weeks after that I get my glucose loading test and they'll do another weight estimation for the baby.

Like his big sister, the Bumblebee wasn't cooperating so well this morning. The tech couldn't get a very good shot of his face, but after some effort she did finally get a pretty good profile shot. We're looking forward to having something to show the Ladybug tonight that actually looks like a baby!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome 2009!

2008 was definitely a year of ups and downs and I'm happy that it ended on the upside. If the beginning of 2009 is any indication, it should be a good year. We didn't actually do anything to ring in the new year. In fact, we were all in bed by midnight. But the morning of January 1, 2009 found my daughter snuggling next to me in bed like so many other non-work days. As we lay there I felt the Bumblebee kick so on a whim I took her hand and laid it on my belly. I felt a few more kicks, but she didn't feel anything. But after a couple of minutes there was one nice big kick that she felt. She was so excited -- immediately jumped up and yelled to her dad that she'd felt the baby. She said it felt like a "lump".

It's only the 2nd day of the year, and with about 18 weeks to go with this pregnancy I'm still a bit nervous (and impatient), but I have to say that right now I feel pretty hopeful that 2009 is going to be a good year. I sure hope it is for everyone else too!