Thursday, January 29, 2009


I just got this email from my MIL


PLEASE be careful on the slippery, icy steps and sidewalks!


I KNOW she sent it because she cares. But all caps and an exclamation point?! I mean really, I bet you could ask anyone who knows me and none would describe me as reckless. That she feels the need to send this just drives me wild! I know it shouldn't bug me so much, but it just does.

Thanks for listening to my vent.


BagMomma said...

I can relate to this. She has a point (don't Moms always have a point)?

A co-worker of mine died last week after slipping on the ice and having unreversible severe head trauma...


My best friend's brother died last year in the same manner.

It's so sad, and so scary. If it can happen twice to people I know... it can happen to anyone.

So yes, please, please be careful!!!!!

Jewels said...

Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine get's in a fight with her boyfriend and break up because he didn’t use and exclamation point in his message that her friend had a baby. So then Elaine writes a letter for her publisher and uses too many, that was funny and reminds me of you MIL, like she’s shouting in excitement sideWALKS!!!
But I hear you, I get irritated at my own mother if she said it to me, exclamation points or not.
Tho I have no problem hearing it from someone else, (hrmmmm, wonder why that is)

Meghan said...

Sounds like my MIL who told me not to slip and drop the baby on the ice...about 8 times!