Saturday, January 10, 2009

21 weeks down and 17 to go

It's 9:30 in the morning and I'm still in bed! This doesn't happen very often so I'm loving it. I wouldn't have minded a little extra sleep, but about an hour ago the Ladybug came in with different plans for me. After about 30 minutes of snuggling and talking, she left to go make pancakes with Hubby while I laid in bed and enjoyed feeling the Bumblebee's morning exercise routine. And now I'm enjoying the convenience and luxury of having both a laptop and a wireless connection!

We have no big plans this weekend, so I'm hoping to get caught up on my to do list and relax a bit. I need to collect all the paperwork for the mortgage refinancing that we just initiated (so excited about the great rate we got!). We're also scheduled to go meet with a local builder about possibly knocking down our house and building a new one! I love the houses that this guy has built, so part of me is excited and hopeful, but deep down I really think his homes are much more than we can afford. At the same time, part of me thinks we're crazy to even be considering this right now, with a baby on the way and a lot of unpaid maternity leave on the horizon. But we'll have a better sense in a few hours.

On the baby front, the shopping bug has bit hard. I ordered a bunch of clothes from a couple of weeks back. I now have to return a bunch because I forgot how small their stuff runs. It all fits now, but certainly won't as I get bigger. Yesterday I ordered some stuff from G.ap and Ol.d Na.vy and while I was there couldn't resist ordering a few things for the baby! Stills feels a little like tempting fate, but I realize that if something bad happens a few new baby items in the house won't make me feel worse than I already would. I also ordered one new baby sheet. After doing a little research we've opted to go without the traditional bumper. The SIDS awareness groups and some consumer groups recommend against them and I don't need anything to make me feel more paranoid. So, we'll go with a mesh "bumper" AND save lots of money. HaHaHaHaHa. Just means I'll spend it on something else. Um like this wall mural maybe

Though we did get rid of some of the baby stuff like the bouncy seat, the exersaucer, etc, last year when I was getting really frustrated with the lack of space in our house and really depressed about the lack of a new baby in the house, we still have most of the basics, particularly the most expensive stuff. That means I can spend a little money on some fun stuff without feeling like I'm breaking the bank. Ok, now I'm just babbling. Hmmm, it's 10 now, I should really get up and shower now, don't you think?

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Penny said...

oh! Is that one of those murals that is wallpaper or vinyl that you stick on the wall? I almost got a mural like that (it was wallpaper variety).

The nesting has also hit me hard. We decided to organize our basement at last, and I'm starting to set my sights on actual decor for the rest of the house. Because it lacks it, completely.