Friday, January 9, 2009

My Aching Back

hurts so badly right now that I'm seriously about to cry. Trying to actually concentrate and get any work done is futile. I've tried standing, stretching, walking around, practically lying down in my chair, and sitting up as straight as possible in my chair, but NOTHING helps. I hate to complain. I'm sooo grateful to be pregnant and nearly 21 weeks along, but this is just debilitating.

Thank goodness it's Friday. Not that my back feels any better at home, but at least I don't have to worry about trying to get work done when I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are better....Are ya'll still pursuing adoption for baby number three?

serenity said...

I had very bad back pain when I was pregnant too - started right around 20-21 weeks for me too. So I have lots of assvice, which may or may not help.

What I ended up doing was balling my winter scarf up and putting it on the seat in between my shoulder blades and sort of arching my back when it got bad. Laying down at night helped relieve the pain too, and being more in a reclining position did as well. Heating pad helps, as does ice. And if you don't have a pregnancy pillow right now? Get one. By the end of my pregnancy, it was a LIFESAVER for me.

I can tell you that it was WORSE early on - mostly because I think I wasn't used to it. My whole life became about back pain management, and over time it became easier to manage.

I hope you find something that helps you manage it soon. Hugs!

Jendeis said...

Hoping that you find some relief. Some remedies that have helped me: 1. tennis ball massage (or really anything tennis ball-shaped). DH will roll ball around my back or I can stand against wall with ball between my wall and back and roll the ball to get some relief.

2. Lie on bed or couch on your back. Put pillows under your lower legs so that your lower legs become parallel to your back. Like so (little "i" is your feet; o is your head):


This position seems to relieve pressure off of your lower back.

3. Heating pad (not too hot!)

Jendeis said...

Shoot. Illustration did not come out right.

Will try again.


Here the periods represent pillow.