Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fashion Sense

One thing I look forward to with this new baby is the chance (for a few years at least) to have control over what he wears. I miss the days of picking cute outfits out for my daughter. Not so much because I'm a control freak, but because the outfits she picks out for herself are crazy. Much as I try to buy a lot of her clothes in complimentary colors and styles, she manages to put the craziest outfits together most days. My husband and I long ago decided that so long as what she wears is weather appropriate it's not a fight worth getting into. (However, when she's older and wants to wear some tummy revealing shirt with a micromini that will all change!) So here I present to you so photos of her in the outfit she choose to wear to a birthday party last weekend. Now keep in mind that we wouldn't let her wear the dress-up dress or the cape to school, but in terms of the overall composition and effect, the outfit doesn't differ much from many that she wears to school.


Leah said...

Goodness knows I understand this. Do you remember the picture I posted from last Christmas with Megan in a dress up wedding dress, veil and frog rain boots?

For a while now, Megan's really been into Fancy Nancy. Therefore, we have many outings (to not-so-fancy restaurants) where she's got on an insanely fancy dress and is blinged out to the hilt -- 6 or 7 fake necklaces, bracelets, a hat, a purse. She would totally rock that cape if she owned it. :-)

momofonefornow said...

She is so completely adorable. I love the outfit and I think she could totally rock that at a birthday party!!

Penny said...

That's pretty funny. My daughter right now is into anything with strawberries or trains on it. there is no such thing as "weather inappropriate" to her.