Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Stuff

In case I haven't mentioned it before (but I think I have) I like to shop. Well, really I love to shop. It's probably not healthy, but it is what it is. One of the things I really enjoyed when I was pregnant with my daughter was the freedom to shop. I mean who could argue with it -- we had to have a crib and other nursery furniture and bedding and clothes and gear. This time around I've been more subdued with the spending for several reasons. First of all, the paranoia - need I say more? Secondly, while there are a few things we need because we got rid of stuff or just need to replace old stuff, we actually have much of what's necessary. We have a crib, dresser, glider, and more than enough toys. Thirdly, we're trying to save our money so that I can actually stay home with the Bumblebee for a few months after he's born.

Then again. This baby is a boy. That means we'll need new clothes, since the vast majority of the Ladybug's clothing was and is decidedly girlie. Also, while I did not go overboard with the nursery decor--it wasn't pink and it was definitely mix-and-match--it's also fairly girlie. We'll keep the wall color (pale green) and the furniture, but we definitely need new bedding and some stuff for the walls.

I've done more than a fair amount of internet window shopping for the stuff we do need, but I still can't bring myself to buy anything "big" in size or expense.
I have, however, bought a few cute outfits and stuffed animals. So far it's been enough to satisfy this shoppers soul. One of the things I recently bought was a green blanket that my daughter picked out when we were shopping together last weekend. She wanted to buy several blankets and stuffed animals, but I convinced her that we have plenty of time and didn't need to buy it all in one day! In addition, we received our first gift (aside from the few things we got from our parents at Christmas) in the mail the other day. A handmade blanket from my husband's aunt. It was such a surprise and inspired me to take some photos. So, without further ado, here are the few new items awaiting our Ben Bumblebee.

(Weird -- the walls look blue in this photo but they are really "Filmy Green")

I love the horse, take a look at his cute mane and tail.

This is the blanket my daughter picked out. The picture does not do it justice, it is soooo soft.

This is the blanket my husband's aunt made.

I love these little outfits from O.ld N.avy

I gave this to my husband at Christmas, the back says "the world needs messy people"

I was ordering some maternity stuff from the Ga.p and couldn't resist these cuties.

Bored yet? ;)


Lea Bee said...

not bored at all. that loot is so CUTE! i love the onesies.

Sunny said...

I love your purchases. :) I am going furniture looking today. Scared. I haven't bought anything. I still feel so early but with having two... I asked Grumps today if I found the cribs I wanted should I buy them. He said, it seems early but I guess we could return them if something happens. I could have killed him. He realized that wasn't a good thing to day. NICE!

Penny said...

I'm in the same boat! Needing a few things, not really ready to "dive in" for various reasons, but purchasing a few outfits here and there. I've been trying to find 0-3 mo stuff that's cute and also short sleeved, and they are scarce in January.

All those things are so cute! I totally forgot about stuffed animals.