Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby Teeth

As I look down at my growing belly it seems almost inconceivable that in a little over three months I will in all likelihood be bringing my baby boy home and that, in the scheme of things, not too many months later that baby will be sprouting baby teeth.

At the same time it is almost inconceivable that my sweet little baby girl, who came into this world 8 weeks early at 4 lbs 2 oz, is now 6 1/2 and LOSING her baby teeth!

She lost her first tooth back in November and has been anxiously awaiting the loss of the second bottom tooth, which became loose shortly after she lost the first one.*
She talks often of the tooth fairy and how she wants her to bring a real magic wand (much as she wanted Santa to bring one). Tonight at dinner she was playing with the wiggly tooth and said to me "I think there could be a tooth fairy, but I think a lot of the time it's parents sneaking into their kids rooms and leaving money." I had a really hard time not laughing, but managed to ask why she thought that and she said "because fairies aren't real." Here's a kid struggling with what she wants to believe versus what she knows. Despite that statement, when the tooth feel out while she was brushing her teeth a mere 20 minutes later, she got so excited and immediately started talking about the note she had to write to the tooth fairy.

Here's that note with the translation below.

Translation: Dear Tooth Fairy: I lost a tooth but please don't take it. Love Lucy
P.S. As for the gift. Please bring me a wand. P.P.S. Please don't take the note. Love Lucy. If you can't give me the wand just give me money and please give me a real picture of yourself. Love Lucy.

I'm glad she gave me an out with the money alternative, but the picture request has me stumped. ;)

*I seriously do not recall it taking so long to lose a tooth once it became wiggly when I was a kid, but with both of the teeth she's lost it's been months.


Penny said...

Aww! Toof! Hope she had a good fairy visit.

Sunny said...

This is so precious. You could take a picture into a light and make it a blur. She could think it is lit up and flying away. :)