Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Long Time No See

Wow, I know I've been MIA lately, but even I didn't realize how long it's been since I last posted! I'm slowly trying to catch up on all the news in the IF blogging world, but still don't have tons of free time to read or comment. Nevertheless, I thought I'd actually post something today in an effort to try and get back into the swing of things. So here's an update on what's been going on with me the past month.

First a quick update of things unrelated to the baby quest.

Work continues to be very busy and stressful. While there is an end in sight for my current project, I recently found out I have been staffed to a new project that will be very difficult for a variety of reasons. No rest for the weary!

I'm still adjusting to my new schedule: up at 5:15, arrive at work at 6; workout until 7; work until 4:15; drive home and pick up daughter. On the bright side I like the morning workouts and I've worked out more in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past 3 years. I'm hoping this will help me shed the 15 pounds I gained last year! However, I haven't exactly adjusted my bedtime yet, so getting up that early is taking a toll.

My daughter started Kindergarten a few weeks ago and yesterday was her 5th birthday! I'm still in shock a bit about both of these events. Fortunately she's quite happy at her new school and even had a very successful playdate with one of her new friends this past weekend.

And now for the update on BabyQuest 2007

Well, we're moving forward on 2 fronts and the long to do lists are making me dizzy.

We submitted our adoption application (we opted for an agency that deals solely with Chinese adoptions) and are now busy trying to schedule a home study and gathering all the required paperwork, which is no small feat. As if I haven't been poked and prodded enough in the past 2 years, I went last week for a full physical and to have my doctor fill out the gazillion page form that's required. The appointment went well and they were very accomodating, but still when I picked up the completed form the other day I noticed they didn't fill it out quite the right way (and the Chinese government is particular!), so now I need to find time to get back there. Along with all the other stuff I need to do. We really have written a long "to do" list, and while it's daunting, we actually are making progress.

I also had a very positive appointment at the Super Giant Fertility Clinic and so far I'm very pleased with everyone I've dealt with. In a nutshell, the doctor had several theories about what might be going on and we agreed to a whole lot of diagnostic tests (with repeats of some I had done a year and a half ago, including an HSG). Hooray! This is pretty much what I wanted. Someone to acknowledge that there's a problem and try to figure it out! Right now I'm justing waiting for my period so I can schedule the day 3 bloodwork and the HSG. One big challenge is getting my husband back on board. He's willing in theory, but his spirit took a beating with the previous 4 IVF failures, so he's nervous.

One surprising thing has come of all this. Husband has for years been clear about wanting only two children, for many reasons that I won't bore you all with. Now, however, he's suddenly interested in three. I think the struggle to have another child really made him realize how much he loves being a dad. After the happy appointment with the new RE, my husband told me that even if things work out on that front, he doesn't want to stop the adoption process. He's also said if it doesn't work, we should plan to adopt 2 children. I'm not at all upset by this turn of events. I always wanted a bigger family, but part of me does think I wished he'd figured it out before we were nearly 40!

Well, time to get back to the crazy world of work. I'll try not to let another month pass before the next post. :)


LJ said...

I'm so glad that things seem to be moving along. And way to go on the working out - that is very very impressive!

Shelli said...

Welcome back!

I'm glad to hear things are moving in the right direction!!

Meghan said...

Morning work outs are impressive!

And I'm glad you're crossing things off that list of yours

Kristen said...

YAY, you're back! I'm glad you're making progress with the adoption and the testing.

I hope to hear some good news from you soon. Keep us posted!