Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Beautiful Boy

Among our dear friends who helped us celebrate Ben's birthday last week was a family who is like family to us. Their older daughter and Lucy were in daycare together and are truly two of a kind! It would hardly seem right to celebrate one of our kids' birthdays without them. My dear friend Cynthia, the mom in this group, also happens to be a photographer.* She is never far from her camera and Saturday was no different. She took some photos during the party that I think are just wonderful. They can been seen on her blog.

* I couldn't recommend her more highly if you live in the DC area and want great photos of your children or yourself! Just feel the need to say that she took the photos because we're friends without expecting any recommendations or advertisements. In fact, like 99.9% of my IRL friends/family, she doesn't even know about this blog.
Her main website is here.

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