Friday, October 29, 2010

Just another day.

Today I turn 41.

Can't quite believe how fast it got here.

I wish I were more content with my life these days, but I'm working on it.

Still seeing the therapist, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it up. I like her, but I feel like I just complain about the same things week after week. But I won't quit trying to feel better.

Not that it's all bad mind you. Much is very good and I'm so lucky in so many ways. I know that and it's why I'm trying hard to figure out how to enjoy it all more.

So happy birthday to me. I plan to make this next year better than ever!


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear cousin-in-law, happy birthday to you.

I trust that you'll be able to meet that goal and make this next year even better. And here to help if there are things we can do along the way to make that come true.

Jendeis said...

Happy birthday sweetie!!

Meghan said...

Happy happy birthday to you!

I have no doubt you'll meet your birthday goal...just stinks that sometimes we have to work so hard at it. Hope you have a great day and the hubby and kiddos take good care of you

LJ said...

Happy birthday, gorgeous!

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday!

Just remember, no matter how much time passes, you'll still be one year younger than me. lol.

Enjoy your day!

Anne D said...

Squeaking in here at, literally, the 11th hour to say: Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one. Enjoy Halloween with the kids. We respectfully request pics.

Leah said...

Happy birthday! I suck more at the blogging stuff than anyone else on the universe. But I still read a few -- including yours. (And Jen's to get all excited when she has the baby.)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that the next year is as great as your adorable little guy!

La La said...

Happy birthday!!

I hope you feel better soon hun.