Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 months

Amazing what can happen in 5 months. Actually it's amazing how much can happen in just 10 days. We just had the most crazy 10 days. It was mostly good and fun stuff, but it tires me out just thinking about it all.

Big news is that we had Lucy evaluated this spring and she was diagnosed with ADHD.
This morning she started on medication. I've got mixed emotions about the whole thing and hope to write more about it here soon.

Next up though I think I'm going to have myself tested.

Will update on the kiddos soon.


Jendeis said...

I've missed you girl!

I'm sorry about the diagnosis, but I do hope that it helps Lucy get any help she needs.

Meghan said...

You won't hear anything from me about your absence...I haven't posted in forever!

Sorry about the diagnosis, once they get the right combo of meds it'll really help. Hopefully it won't take too long to get there.

Update us on the house plans too....so exciting!

Shelli said...

It's all good. Life just outpaces our need to blog (has for me too). Looking forward to your posts no matter how frequent or infrequent!