Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 27

I've learned a few things since becoming a patient here at the hospital.

#1. TV sucks! At home we've been without cable or satellite service for over 2 years. In addition, because our TV is in the basement we don't even get any kind of basic signal, so we've been relying on Netflix for all of our viewing pleasure. I'll say first that I've watched ALOT of tv while in the hospital -- it is my nearly constant companion. And I'm no highbrow--I enjoy what I know to be some pretty mediocre shows--but I've realized how just awful TV is nowadays. I know reality TV isn't new since we got rid of our satellite service, but now it just seems to be everywhere. Frankly, there's very little of that genre that I can stomach, so for the most part I watch the Food Network, HGTV and the channels that show reruns. Regarding my TV viewing, I'll confess I'm most grateful for reruns of "That 70s Show" and "Gilmore Girls".

#2. Those red emergency pull cords in bathroom are VERY sensitive
Today as I was drying off after my shower I must have bumped the pull cord with my elbow. Before I knew it, 2 nurses rushed in to see if I was OK. There I was totally naked and dripping wet and wondering what the heck was going on. So apparently you don't actually need to "pull" on the cord to get help.

#3. Eating in bed while horizontal is really a pain.

#4. Milk of Magnesia comes in handy when you spend the vast majority of your day lying down. I'd never taken it before, and I hate to be too reliant on it, but let's just say the 2 colace per day isn't quite enough.

#5. Ambien comes in really handy when you have insomnia. Despite being exhausted after too many sleepless nights, I was still finding myself wide awake at 3am every night. Ambien is another medication I'd never used before and I don't want to get too reliant on it either, but right now without it I just can't sleep at night.


Anonymous said...

sorry you are having such a hard time...focus on the end result and maybe things will be better

Lorraine said...

Whenever I'm stuck home sick I realize that TV generally sucks - but at least that's usually only for a few days at a time...

Hang in there!

Penny said...

Do you get really bad heartburn from eating while laying down?

And YES, TV is really bad. I've taken quite a few sick days this past month for various colds and things, and am always excited, then totally disappointed, in the ability to watch nonstop TV. I don't even like A Baby Story but I watch it anyway because it is SOMETHING.

JJ said...

Hey there Bean! I have been so behind on blogs and Lost and Found from Mel, but had a moment to catch up and saw that you are on hospital bed rest! As a hospital bed rest alum, I am thinking lots and lots of soothing thoughts for you--can I please send you a care package? Email me at and Ill get something to you ASAP! You are in my thoughts and prayers--and I wish I could bring you better TV--I had a lousy 7 channels, AND thank god for Ambien!

Kimberly said...

Yes, TV is basically crud. However, I am an American but live in Croatia - so everything on TV here is either an American re-tread or some catastrophic knock-off of an American reality show. Let's see...we have Big Brother Hrvatska...Fear Factor Hrvatska...Hrvatska traži zvijezdu (lit: Croatia Looks For a Star...but really, it's American Idol, Croatian-style).

In any case, I have rediscovered Magnum PI. Man, that show stands the test of time. The fashions are a scream but Magnum always gets his man. Priceless.

Kim said...

I'm a new reader, but I'd love to keep you company ;o).

I've btdt, and I had to giggle about the pull cords in the bathroom being so sensitive.. I was on bedrest for a week before delivering and pulled one accidentally at least five times, and EVERYTIME I was allowed to take a shower, it happened when I put my leg up on the side to shave.

Hang in there!

Anne D. said...

Wow. I hadn't stopped by in a few weeks, and now I find you've been in the hospital for a while! I'm very happy that you're settled there and being cared for, and that the bumblebee is staying put at the moment.

Re: TV. I hear you. Also, I could watch Gilmore Girls reruns pretty much around the clock and be happy. So, at least you can enjoy that part.

I'll remember to stop back often and see how you're doing. Hang in there.

Kim said...

Ugh. Sorry you have to be in the hospital so long! It sounds like you are in good hands and the nurses are quick to respond - even if you don't really need them. I had to laugh at the shower cord part, sorry!

Take care.

La La said...

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admin said...

I hear you on the horizontal eating and the ambien. Whatever it takes!