Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 weeks old!

WARNING: Below is a description of my Mother's Day and pictures of my kids!

I'd like to say time flies, but when you're really sleep deprived it doesn't. But that doesn't mean we haven't had fun during these last few weeks. In addition to his first two trips to the grocery store, Little Bee has taken his first trip to Borders (trips to Borders are a very regular event for our family, so this was a milestone for us!), and his first walk to park for the Mother's Day picnic my daughter planned and packed for us. He helped me enjoy Mother's Day by actually sleeping in 3 hour blocks the night before. (Now if we can only get a repeat of that!)

My Mother's Day was pretty good. I was up at 6am feeding Little Bee and then the Ladybug got up around 7am. After everyone was fed and my husband woke up, I was instructed by the Ladybug to go back to bed. (Twist my arm!) I knew that pancakes were in the works, but I didn't know that my daughter was planning on breakfast in bed! I must say that after 9 weeks of bedrest, eating in bed doesn't hold the same appeal, but I loved that she planned it all out! Later that day she decided that it was so nice we should take a picnic to the park. With just a little input from me, the Ladybug made sandwiches, and then packed bananas and some dessert for all of us. So, we put the Little Bee in the carriage and off we walked. It was a beautiful day and I did enjoy the walk, but I'm still moving a little slowly from the c-section.

Actually Mother's Day started a bit earlier for me, as these were delivered on Friday.
My Mother's Day Flowers from my husband

Little Bee slept in his carriage during our picnic,

while his big sister played.

Today is our first day home alone together (my husband went back to work today) and Bee had his first non-sponge bath in the kitchen sink. I was fully prepared for a screaming wiggling baby, but he actually seemed to enjoy it. (I realize it doesn't look that way in the photo, but really he seemed quite happy in there.)

In the Bath


Clean Boy

As for me. Well the last 3 weeks have had there ups and downs. The exhaustion is really taking a toll on me. The nights when he sleeps in 3 hour stretches are bearable, but unfortunately most nights he up every hour and a half to 2 hours. It's hard to feel like I can be a very good parent to either of my kids when I'm this exhausted.

That being said, today has been a pretty good day. I've managed to get both of us bathed and fed, and I've cleaned the dishes and gotten a couple of loads of laundry done! And tomorrow my mom arrives for a few days--Hooray!


Meghan said...

Don't forget the advice you gave me when Sweetness was just about this old...one day it will suddenly get better. And you were so right. I'll just hope that day comes soon for you!!

Looks like you had a wonderful mother's day! I'll email you later this week about dropping the swing and wrap off this weekend

Anne D. said...

I remember that sheer exhaustion very well. I felt the time would never go by quickly enough until Kevin slept through the night. Little did I know he would be three *years* old before he did so! Quite extreme. 8-/

Love the last photo of the Bee. He is just darling.

La La said...

Awww, what CUTIES you have!! Congrats on a good Mother's Day! =)