Sunday, July 19, 2009


Guess who slept for 7 straight hours last night??? Give up? It wasn't me and it wasn't my husband, but the Bee slept from 10pm until 5am! I couldn't believe it. Not that I'm foolish enough to expect a repeat tonight, but still I'm so excited over the possibilities. Stupidly, both my husband and I stayed up late last night--until about 1am. He was watching a movie and I was reading. Even so, just knowing that the baby had slept for 7 hours made the getting up a lot easier.


Lorraine said...

Sometimes it's worth the lack of sleep just to have some time "off". I do hope you managed to have one of those babies who just start sleeping through the night and that's that - what a treat!

La La said...

Woooohooo! Isn't sleep wonderful. I should be getting as much as possible before the Bean arrives...I forget already how hard those first few months are. lol

Congrats. ;)