Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shopping Therapy

I've been a bad, bad girl.

I haven't been feeling so great lately. Physically or mentally (there will be another post about all that soon), and I have really needed a pick me up. I realize that spending money is not the best approach, and I do have plans for a more healthy way to deal with my problems, but I really needed to do something nice for myself. Though I didn't plan for yesterday's shopping spree, I'm looking at it as sort of the kick off to my "take care of me" efforts.

I actually went to the mall with Ben yesterday for the sole reason of getting him some new shoes. Which I did first. But by the end of the day I was grateful that my 10 month old is nearly 25 pounds, otherwise the stroller would have surely tipped over from all the bags hanging off of it!

After our stop at Stride Rite, I hit the Gap for a bunch of clothes for my rapidly growing baby. Then Hannah Andersson for some PJs for him. By the time I left the mall I also had bags from Sephora, Ann Taylor Loft, Nordstrom, and West Elm hanging off the stroller.

After truly years of searching, I finally found some throw pillows from West Elm for our living room that both match what we already have AND that I like. At Sephora I picked up some ridiculously expensive face cream, body scrub, mascara and lipstick. From ATL I picked up a cute sweater and t-shirts. I got a belt at Nordstrom, but the real splurge of the day was on a handbag and wallet. I actually still feel a little dizzy from the handbag purchase. I've never spent even close to that much on a handbag before. In fact, to pay for that shopping spree I spent all the money I'd saved up for a DSLR camera. I've been wanting a good camera for so long, but I also know that right now I don't really have the time to learn to use it. So, I'll start saving again, but right now I can't wait to take my new bag for a test drive!
Here's my new love

And 2 different views of the wallet I got to go with it.

Frankly, I don't think the photos do either of them justice.

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Shelli said...

I'm glad someone is buying handbags!! lol