Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Big Sis

still loves her baby brother and often thinks he's the cutest thing around. But considering the frequent hitting, biting, grabbing episodes sometimes begs me "can I please hit him, please?"

She's suffered a few bites, more than a few scratches, and even a hardback book to the back of the head, so it's hard to blame her. Nevertheless, most of the time she's a wonderful big sister and my biggest complaint is the overexuberance of their playing. There's a lot of piggybacks, jumping, bouncing, rolling, etc, involved when they play.

It's fun to watch, but the more worked up they get the more likely it is that Ben will end up going to far and Lucy will end up mad and in tears. I suppose we should be really grateful that she hasn't ever actually hit him back or hurt him in anyway. Usually she just cries or yells for us to come get him. Considering the differences in their sizes it's actually pretty amazing. One day recently I ran into the room to find Ben sitting on Lucy's head. I mean really she should easily be able to dump him off but I think deep down she really doesn't want to hurt him.

As I mentioned 2 posts ago my girl has been diagnosed with ADHD and she started medication this past week. I do plan at least one post on all that soon, but the short story is she's handling the whole thing with great nonchalance and so far has experienced no side effects from the medicine.

As Lucy gets older she just becomes more intensely Lucy. She remains interested in all sorts of activities and would probably try everything if we had the time and money to let her. This past school year she contined taking tap and ballet and started playing soccer. She also (much against her will) attended math tutoring sessions twice a week and in the fall she also swam every Sunday.

Ballet Recital: Skater's Waltz

Tap Recital: Stray Cat Strut

On the Soccer Field

She's on the swim team this summer and will be attending a week of drama camp and then 2 weeks of soccer camp late in the summer. She also wants to join a chorus and learn to play piano and flute. Just listing her interests tires me out! Obviously we can't fit it all in so we'll be having a sit down soon to plan out next year's activities.

Relay Start

She continues to devour books and reads constantly. She loves to draw and sing. Most of all she loves to be with her friends and attended and hosted a TON of sleepovers this past year. Most of Lucy's friends are very nice, but her best friends are similarly "energetic". Actually, I generally don't mind the playdates and sleepovers because they are at an age where they usually want to play alone in her room or outside so it actually makes my life a bit easier.

She spending the swim season part of her summer - through the end of July - with her beloved babysitter mostly hanging out at the pool. She'll spend 3 weeks in August with grandparents and cousins and then return for some soccer camp before starting (gulp) Fourth grade.

Sometimes I look at pictures of her when she was a baby or toddler and wonder what happened to my baby. It also makes me a little sad that I really can't remember her at those ages. On the other hand, this girl who mentally wears me out almost as much as her brother wears me out physically, who would debate me all day long - if I let her - to get her way, who (at the ripe old age of 8 1/2) thinks she knows everything, who can drive me up a wall with her attitude, is pretty freaking amazing and I'm so grateful to be her mom.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Love this post (and the pictures are great). It's sort of mind-blowing that she is going into fourth grade. I'm just thinking of the picture you used to have of her at the top of the blog. Was it in a tree?

Bean said...

Yes - mind-blowing indeed! And your memory is amazing, it was in a tree. I'd forgotten, she was in an orange sundress and I can hardly wrap my brain around how different she is from that little girl.

akamrsx said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I just wanted to say that your kids are just beautiful!