Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

I know I've been a bad blogger lately, but December was crazy even before the holidays arrived. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to our normal work/school schedule. I thought I'd better post some photos of my Christmas cookies before we enter 2008. Taa Daa!

And here's the chip off the old block and her cookies.

Obviously, I helped a little, but the color scheme was all her idea and she did all the decorating.

We had a nice Christmas with my husbands family, and I'm looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with some very good friends. But all in all, I'm glad to be leaving 2007 behind. In many ways it was a pretty crappy year, and my husband and I are still not fully recovered from everything we've been through. But I'm trying to be hopeful and I'm looking forward to 2008 being a better year for us. I'll hopefully find out what, if anything, my new insurance company will do for us soon. I just bought airline tickets for us to go spend a week in Florida in February while my parents are down there. And on this last day of 2007, I just got my period, so at least in some ways my body is back on schedule and I hope to get the testing done in early Feb, so we get move forward on the medical front. Also, we started playing phone tag with the social worker just before leaving town for Xmas, so we should be scheduling our home study interviews and visits soon!

I hope that anyone reading this had a good December -- whatever holiday(s) you may have celebrated.

Happy New Year! Here's hoping we all have a great 2008.


Meghan said...

Those cookies are beautiful! You could sell them or something. I can't imagine how long all that took you!

Glad you got your insurance set up and are ready to start testing. Hoping 08 brings you answers

deanna said...

Super-cute cookies!!

Glad to hear your cycle is finally back to normal. Here's hoping 2008 is a lot less sucky for all of us!

Sunny said...

Your cookies are amazing!

Here's to 2008 and hoping dreams come true!

Meg said...

ok, you must tell me some of your cookie secrets. what type of icing do you use, do you use a paint brush? did you buy a kit (like Pott. Barn?) how do you do that?

I must try to make something remotely close next year. They look amazing.

Hopeful Terri said...

Those cookies are some of the cutest ones I have seen. YOu could easily sell those for $$. I think you should post the receipe and the icing one too. They are darling. Keep your head up for 08..

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