Thursday, December 6, 2007

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..."

Dory's song from Finding Nemo describes pretty well how I've been lately. I'm just trying to get through each day and keep moving. It's not that I can't function and I'm not sobbing all the time, but I'm just feeling down. The littlest things make me tear up and part of me would love to just sit on the couch and watch bad television for about a week. There are bright spots however. One was the wonderful DC Bloggers cookie exchange party, hosted by the even more wonderful Leah. I won't go into too much detail since Leah described it so well here, but I will say that it was relaxing and fun, and I actually laughed! Oh, and I ate waaaaaaay too many cookies, but they were ALL so delicious I couldn't stop. I've even added some of the recipes to my Christmas baking list. And thanks to the lovely Sunny who gave me a ride and made me laugh the hardest.

So, I am trying to "just keep swimming" and not let myself get stuck in a funk. I mean really that's how I ended up gaining 20 lbs in the last nine months and I know that's only added to my bad mood. So I started weight wat.chers (again) on Monday and I've actually been to the gym 3 times this week. I am attending my office holiday party today and I'm pretty sure that I will actually enjoy myself. And I'll keep it up until eventually it doesn't feel like such an effort.


Meg said...

I am so sorry. You sound like you are very grounded and aware of what you need right now and where it hurts the most....cookies and ladies can always cheer a woman up. Laughing is a wonderful medicine too!

I too have gained about 20 lbs since April, since pregnancy #1 and re-started WW too! It is a good program and if you follow it, it really works. It also forces you to pay attention and take care of yourself...which we forget to do all of the time.

deanna said...

It was really great to meet you at the cookie exchange! It ended up being really good timing for me, too---definitely lifted my spirits when they were in something of a funk.

Wishing you lots of luck on your new fitness adventure! I've never done WW, but I've been trucking it to the gym now for the past 4 months. I have to admit it's really wonderful to see my own IF-induced weight-gain fade away back into its cave.

Meghan said...

I so need to get myself back in the gym. I know it would do wonders for my mental health.

And I like the nemo reference. My song of the day has been Ingrid Michelson's Keep Breathing.

And it was great to finally meet you!

Sunny said...

Hugs to you! You made my night too! I am very proud of you for the gym and working hard to be healthy.


Hez said...

Just sending a few more hugs your way.

dmarie said...

Just keep swimming is a mantra I try to keep going often.

Yay for the gym and WW. Hope you enjoyed the party.

Anonymous said...

my DD has been singing "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" all week. sometimes, that's the best we all can do.

hang in there :)

CAM said...

I like the just keep swimming attitude...its all we can do. Sometimes its so hard to see that there will be a bright side when we feel so dark. I think the holidays make it tougher when we don't really have what we want. The cookies sounded great!