Thursday, July 17, 2008

Has it really been a month?!

Wow! I knew it had been awhile since my last post but once I started getting emails and comments asking how I was I figured it must have been longer than I realized. Funny how quickly a month can fly by. So, for the few inquiring minds out there -- I'm fine. Nothing much to report other than work being busy and NOT cycling right now. Though... as a matter of fact I am beginning to wonder where old Aunt Flo has gone to. I'm usually right at 28 days and I'm now at day 33! And NOOOOO I AM DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT. Not unless my husband drugged me and had sex with me while I wasn't looking. Thanks to work stress (mine and his, but mostly his), the general malaise I've been experiencing--oh for the past 2 years thanks to all this IF crap, and our near constant arguments over how best to discipline the most stubborn almost 6 year old on the planet, we're both generally pretty grumpy much of the time and let's just say no one (or at least not me!) is in "the mood". I will admit here (quite sadly) that I truly cannot remember the last time we kissed goodnight much less actually "made love". My goodness the thought almost makes me laugh. Anyhoo, so I'm waiting (la la la) to get my period so I can call the RE's office and get the drugs ordered for the FET we will attempt with my NEXT cycle in August (assuming this one ever arrives). I'm assuming that I ovulated late thanks to all kinds of stress and am thinking I'll probably be about a week later than normal.

Other than that... I'm busy enough at work that I haven't had much time to do anything but read some blogs. And, because I've finally gotten back on my early morning work out schedule (yeah me!), I'm too tired at night to actually do anything--like get online and actually post here or comment anywhere else. But trust me I am visiting often and reading as much as possible.

I always love the notion of lazy summer days, but our summer has been anything but lazy. Every weekend is booked and I've been out of town for the past two. Fun stuff, but not a lot of time for lounging around and relaxing. I'll leave you with two things: photos of my kid from our most recent adventure visiting relatives and a promise to be at least a bit more present here in the blogosphere. Adieu!

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Shelli said...

There you are! Glad to hear all is well.

It's Summer, time flies by faster in the summer I think.