Monday, August 4, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

I'd been planning to write this post two weeks ago! I'd planned to cut out my soda habit when I got my period; I figured that would give me a good 6 weeks caffeine and chemical free before my FET. Unforunately, I'm addicted. Yes you heard me, I am horribly addicted to the elixir pictured above. And the thing is, when I'm feeling stressed, as I have been lately, it's my comfort. Also helps when I'm tired and trying to get through the work day. Yesterday I realized that I'm probably only 4 weeks from the FET, as I slurped down my soda with all the nastiness that I KNOW is in there -- ooooh the guilt. So I decided that yesterday would be the last day I would indulge myself, and today would be my first DDP free day -- cold turkey! How has it gone? Well, despite almost falling asleep during some online training, it's been ok. I'm less than an hour away from leaving work and I've only had water and seltzer water to drink today! Though there are several hours left in the day, I really just need to get through the work hours because we don't keep any soda at our house, so once I'm on my way home I know that I'll have successfully made it through my first day soda free. Small steps, small steps.


momofonefornow said...

I am with you. I was addicted to full sugar dr pepper. Oh it was bad!!!!! I quit 3 days before Christmas. I have done pretty well. I think I have had it maybe 6 times since then. it is soooo good that I just can't imagine life without ever having another, so every now and then I indulge.

Good luck on quitting. I know how hard it is. Use the force!!!

Jendeis said...

I love all of the Doctors Pepper, diet and regular. I gave up soda after I took the bar and now I only keep if for medicinal purposes (e.g. nausea). Good luck!

Meghan said...

Congrats. I gave up caffiene as my 30th birthday resolution ( I like to make resolutions on my new year) and it was HARD! I had to taper myself down. Day 1 is definitely the hardest so way to go!