Monday, August 4, 2008

Show and Tell #2

This week's show and tell is about a doll. Yes a doll. Many, many, many years ago I saw a picture in a toy catalog and I wrote this

(if you click on the photo you can actually read the letter I wrote for a 3rd grade english assignment)

For my birthday that year I got this.

After I got her, I found out that she is actually meant to be Cinderella. I recently dug the original box out from under a bed at my mom's house and gave the doll to my daughter. Though she seemed excited at first, she hasn't given the doll a second thought since. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she's not all that interested in my 31-year-old dusty doll. I had hoped that she might get a bit of enjoyment out of a doll that brought me so much joy. Not only did I love her pink dress and the wreath of flowers on her head, but she was early proof that dreams can come true.

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CappyPrincess said...

How precious - the doll and the homework paper. My paternal grandmother still digs that stuff out that we wrote to show our children (the kids get a good giggle out of it). After my maternal grandmother died, my daughter was gifted grandma's very first doll (now 70 odd years old). It sits in the box on the bookcase headboard and occassionally she tucks ribbons for other dolls or animals in the box to "keep them safe". I imagine that doll will mean more to your daughter (and to mine) as she gains the wisdom that only age and experience can bring. Then she will realize what a true treasure she has been given.