Thursday, August 21, 2008

If Only My Arms Were Longer

Funny how after 5 1/2 IVF cycles I'm still learning new things.

Yesterday I had my day 2 bloodwork and ultrasound, got my FET protocol, and then got the call with the OK to start the del.estro.gen injections. I learned last night just how difficult it is to give yourself an injection in the behind. And the difficulty had nothing to do with jabbing myself with a needle.

Last night I stayed up too late, and forgot about the injection until well past the time my husband went to bed. I'll be out of town for a night next week and will need to do my own injection then, so I decided that I might as well figure out how to do it. I proceeded by prepping the syringe and then swabbing the left side of my rump with alcohol. Only guess what? Can't reach far enough around with my right hand to inject at a ninety degree angle. So I swab the right side of my rump. Only guess what? Can't really reach far enough around with my left hand to "hold the skin taut" as instructed. So, it wasn't textbook, but I did manage to do it and I felt proud of myself -- thanks to infertility I've learned to do yet another thing I never would have even thought of doing. But, I did tell my husband he's still going to be responsible for rear injections unless we're in separate cities, but really it's just a pain in the ass -- and again, I'm not talking about the needle.

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LJ said...

I don't know if I ever got it at 90 degrees, meh, who knows! It all got in there....