Monday, June 22, 2009

2 Months!

Going by the day of the month, Bee was 2 months old yesterday! Feels like he just came home and I'm already 2 months behind on his baby book. ;)

Since I last posted we've had some positive steps forward with the sleep. Daytime is still erratic and there is not consistency in terms of when he naps or for how long, but he has been napping. BUT, the night sleeps are getting longer!!! Saturday night he slept for 6 straight hours - I couldn't believe it. Last night his longest stretch was 5. Heck I was happy with 4!

We had a great weekend here. My daughter had her ballet recital on Saturday and all the grandparents and one cousin were here for it. Ladybug adores her grandparents and always gets a kick out of having them all here. Of course the grandmas couldn't get enough of the Bee and I worried a little they might fight over who got to hold him (Just kidding, but seriously there was little tension--my MIL really was being a baby hog.) He performed well for the grandparents - slept all through the ballet and then was awake, lively and happy once we got home. He put on quite a show on his playmat.

Yesterday we had a very nice Father's Day. Daddy got to sleep in and the Ladybug and I made all his favorites for breakfast. Then the Ladybug got a last minute invitation for a playdate at her best friends house. She had a great time and it gave her parents a much needed break. All in all it was a great weekend and now starts my one and only summer getting to stay home with my kids.


Anne D. said...

Your children are both so gorgeous. What a wonderful Father's Day this year!

Anne D. said...

Someone is verrrry busy these days! Enjoy, Mom.

Penny said...

I also am appreciating my one and only summer at home with my kids. It's nice.