Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

(Warning: child mentioned at bottom.)

Well, I still have haven’t gotten my period and I’m almost a week late. No, I’m not pregnant, and yes, I’m sure that I’m not because I did actually test twice in the past couple of days even though I knew there wasn’t a chance. (Can you say run on sentence and poor grammar?) So, I wait for my period, and I then I’ll wait for another one before we start the next IVF. And, just to make me crazy I’m sure, I’ve been getting calls from two pharmacies because my RE’s office already called in the prescriptions –ARGH. So, I tell them to wait and I’ll call them back.

Out of the blue, as I was walking to my car last night I thought about something that I had forgotten about. At various times in my life when I was either unhappy with some aspect of my life or when I was impatient for something specific to happen, I would tell myself as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep that before I knew it, one day I would wake up and the thing I wanted would be there. And when that day came it would seem like hardly any time had passed. So last night I tried to play that little game in my head, but I just couldn’t do it. I know there’s still some hope inside that I might get and stay pregnant, because otherwise I wouldn’t be signing on for another round or two of IVF. But clearly I’m not quite as hopeful as I once was. And as for the adoption stuff, I tried that too. But, given the wait time for adoptions from China, we’re probably looking at 2 ½ to 3 years, and frankly that’s just too long a wait for my little game to work.

In random news, I upped my met.formin to two pills last night. So far no abdominal distress. Small steps I guess. However, I re-read some of the side effects and noticed that tiredness is on the list. AHA! I couldn’t figure out why I was so freakin’ exhausted even though I’ve been sleeping more than usual. I sure hope this will pass, because it’s actually been keeping me from getting up and going to the gym and I REALLY need to get back on a regular work out schedule.

In other news, our girl got home from her spring break visit with her cousins in one piece. My in-laws told us that she behaved well while they were there and that she was a fabulous traveling companion. Hubby and I wonder why she saves her best side for everyone else, as there have been a series of meltdowns since she got home. What fun! Plus she keeps telling us how much more fun life is in Ohio, because they get to watch TV before bed and have candy and treats, etc. Guess who may never get to go to Ohio again?! ;)

Things to look forward to: This weekend, the girl starts up her art/drama classes again, which means mommy gets an hour and a half to shop in Shirlington—YEAH! Plus we have good friends coming over for dinner Sat night. So, all in all, a fun weekend to look forward to.


The Town Criers said...

Ha--that's exactly what you need, having to negotiate candy and television every day. I'm glad she's home.

I hope something shifts so the little game comes true.

Anonymous said...

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Hez said...

I hope the waiting isn't too terrible. And I hope you get all the behavior worked out again post-trip!