Monday, December 15, 2008

Another hurdle cleared!

So, I just off the phone with the doctor's office and my AFP came back negative. Yeah! Looks like we'll be pulling out the video camera and telling our daughter very soon. Next stop on this crazy train ride is the anatomy scan on Jan 6th. I'm so glad the holidays are between now and then, as it'll help make the time pass more quickly.

I'll post more interesting stuff soon, but now I'm off to lunch!


Meghan said...

Great news!!

Can't wait for the "I told you so" from your daughter :)

Leah said...

YEAH! I've been holding my breath for you. So happy that everything is okay.

Your daughter is absolutely going to say "I knew it" -- along with her hand on her hip, no doubt. Please update as soon as you tell her so that we can all enjoy the story!

Once the holidays are over, let's get together. You are 100% right that we are soul mates, I so, so, so wish we lived closer. Plus, our kids can beat on each other and neither of us will feel guilty. :-)

Jendeis said...


Hope Lucy's day is better today.

Hez said...


Penny said...

Yay for the all-clear! And soooo jealous that your screen will be before my screen. My screen was supposed to be the 6th, but they messed up the times! Arg! Have fun during. Will you find out the sex?