Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We arrived at my parents house at about 5:30pm yesterday. Had a nice dinner with the family and then my sister and I went out and began our traditional last minute shopping spree for the last few gifts and stocking stuffers for our parents. I was up until about midnight wrapping presents and talking and then fell into bed gleeful with the thought that I didn't have to get up for work and that my mom would be getting up with the kids. So why why why did my body decide that 5:30am was the right time to wake up this morning! I laid in bed for an hour hoping that I'd fall back asleep, but the bumblebee was kicking up a storm (very reassuring!) and then I had to pee, AND my mind was spinning, so at 6:30 I finally gave up. So, now I sit in a dark, quiet house finally about to write the post I've been thinking about for a few days now.

I'm not the best blogger in terms of how often I write or even what I write, and I don't have too many visitors or readers, but I still have been thinking that I really wanted to at least post some holiday greetings for anyone who might stop by.

Since I kept procrastinating getting online and writing a post, I've actually thought about what I would write more than usual. And in thinking about the types of things people usually say around the holidays to one another, about how our emotions can be heightened around the holidays, about what the holidays often signify to infertiles (even those lucky enough to have children or be pregnant), and about just how painful infertility can be all year long (again, even for those lucky enough to have children or be pregnant), I realized that that thing I've wished for most (besides another baby) in the past 3 years is what I'm wishing for all of you this holiday -- peace, more precisely peace of mind.

So, whereever you are on your journey and whatever holiday you may celebrate I wish you peace today and for the new year. I truly hope that 2009 will be a year of wishes coming true for all of us.


Shelli said...

Have a wonderful holiday!

momofonefornow said...

I hope you enjoy your holiday! Thanks for the peace of mind wishes, sending it right back to you as well.

Waiting Amy said...

This is often what I say in comments to those going through a difficult time -- peace to them and their family.

Have a great holiday!

Shelby said...

Well said! Have a great holiday!

Lorraine said...

Lovely sentiments! And I wish them for you, too. Happy holidays!

Anne D. said...

Thank you for such a thoughtful holiday wish. My infertility is well in the past now (our adopted kids are 22 and 18, and our late-in-life surprise bio-baby is 16.5), but I will never forget the years of melting into tears, of suffering in ways that fertile folks can only imagine. I wish everyone who experiences infertility healing and peace of mind, no matter how their journeys end.

And I wish you a continued healthy pregnancy.

Penny said...

Hope you had a good holiday!

Leah said...

Thank you for the wish of peace. I truly believe I feel it now. I never imagined that when we FINALLY FINALLY completed the building of our family, that the peace I now feel would be so amazing. I assumed that reality would never live up to the dreams and desires I had in my head, but I was wrong. It's every bit as sweet and wonderful and fulfilling that I could have imagined.

I've wanted to blog about how the sense of closure, the sense of relief, the sense of completeness that I feel is completely overwhelming. But I am too afraid of saying it wrong or too afraid of alienating all of my sisters in the trenches, so I don't.

Just know that you too will feel this blissful peace when your journey comes to an end (assuming it ends how you WANT it to, I was lucky in that respect). I can't wait for you to feel it too!