Thursday, December 18, 2008

Has he kicked today?

I'm so glad that we finally told our daughter about the baby. She remains very excited and has told everyone she comes in contact with, and I mean EVERYONE!

Since we told her Monday night, less than 72 hours ago, she's probably asked me several hundred times "is he kicking?" or "will you tell me when you feel him kick?"
The only downside to this is that it makes me all too aware of how often I'm feeling anything and so I'm starting to get paranoid when it seems like too much time as passed since the last time I felt the gentle poking and prodding from the inside. Like right now. I know it's silly. I'm 2 days shy of 18 weeks, and what I do feel is very gentle, so I know it's probably fine. But I'll be happy when the Bumblebee is big enough that I can do my own prodding from the outside for a little reassurance.

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Penny said...

Yes, I agree it is very disconcerting when the kicks are random, especially knowing how not random they will soon become. Mine seemingly stopped kicking me for a couple days and I was stupidly worried, even though the "kicks" were so light to begin with.

Very recently there is more kicking, which is way cool. Still on the weak side, though.