Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

Christmas was nice. We generally had a good week away from home, splitting our time between each of our parents. But I have to say that I was very glad to get home yesterday. My mom was completely stressed out by her still unfinished kitchen remodel (great timing!), my sister and brother-in-law were their usual sulky selves, and my mother-in-law drove me absolutely batty. She is in many ways a wonderful MIL and I know she cares A LOT and would do anything for us, but still she can annoy me like no other. I now have two weeks to regroup before putting on a happy face and returning to their house for the long MLK day/inauguration weekend. Unfortunately, my parents will be out of town, so I won't even have the excuse of wanting to see my parents to get away for a bit. Oh well, I can only blame myself, in a moment of forgetfullness or stupidity I was the one who suggested the visit.

Now that I've got the complaints out, we really did have a lovely holiday. Despite everyone's saying they would be more restrained with the gift giving this year, the Ladybug got a ton of new stuff. And thanks to some very excited grandparents, the Bumblebee even got a few gifts already. Speaking of the Bumblebee, he's kicking harder and harder. I love it, it is very reassuring! On the other hand, I wish he would stop stomping on my cervix because that's not so comfortable or reassuring, though the doc told me not to worry (ha ha).

The sweetest thing that happened during our time away was a little "surprise" party my daughter orchestrated on my behalf. On our last day at my in-law's house she overheard my MIL congratulating me on making it to the half way mark of the pregnancy*. Shortly thereafter she went with my father-in-law to run some errands. When they got home she announced that I was not allowed in the kitchen and for the rest of the afternoon there were lots of whisperings that I wasn't supposed to hear.
Just before dinner she dragged me upstairs and did my hair (not my best look!) and then made me change clothes! She then led me into the dining room where my husband and the in-laws yelled out "congratulations". There were flowers on the table, party hats, a dessert made by daughter**, and even a little gift*** wrapped up for me. She's just been too cute. She is constantly hugging and rubbing my belly and ever since my MIL told her the baby might be able to hear her she talks to him too. One morning she even read him a story.

* I'll be 20 weeks this coming Sat, but since I'll have a c-section at 38 weeks, 19 is halfway for me.

** The Ladybug's homemade dessert was cutup apples and bananas with sugar and cinnamon sprinkled on top -- not bad actually!

*** MIL gave the Ladybug some old costume jewelry to give me. It's sweet, but not the first time I've gotten stuff like this from the two of them, and MIL seems to think this is stuff I'll actually wear. I tried to leave it on the dresser in the room we stayed in but the Ladybug went in after I'd packed and dutifully brought it to me. ;)


Meghan said...

She is entirely too cute! I love that she threw you a party.

Very good idea to get out of town that weekend (although maybe not the best destination for you). We actually looked at renting out our place but it was just too much work.

congrats on your halway point!! And those monster kicks ;)

Meghan said...
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Mo and Will said...

Oh! What a lovely daughter you have! That is just very, very cool.

thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and giving advice for my friend R. She reached 29 weeks today!