Friday, April 17, 2009

Feeling Sorry for Myself

My c-section is scheduled for 3 weeks from today. Given how long I've already been on bedrest that's not so bad. Tomorrow I'll be 35 weeks. Considering that I was admitted into the hospital at 26 weeks, I'm thrilled to have gotten this far.


It is 76 degrees out with sunshine and blue skies. My daughter's school, which is less than a mile away, let out 1/2 hour ago. I can hear kids playing outside in the neighborhood. I would give anything to be able to go outside, to be able to pick her up from aftercare and enjoy this beautiful afternoon together. I know keeping my ass on this couch is the best thing and I'll stay here for another 3 weeks for however long I'm lucky enough to keep this baby inside, but sometimes it really sucks!

I'm soooo happy to be at home and able to have more time with my family, but in some ways it was a little easier doing this in the hospital. I had a window and I could see whether it was a sunny day or a cloudy day, but I couldn't see the trees and flowers blooming or hear the wind blowing or hear the kids playing. I also couldn't see the dishes in the sink or the dirty laundry or the dust on the floor! Basically I was blissfully unaware of the outside world and the things that needed to be done around my house and let me say that actually did make it easier to stay in bed!

I know it doesn't help that right now I'm bored.

Though, just typing it out helps. And, in fact, it is nice to see the trees and flowers blooming in my yard and it's nice to actually have windows open and get fresh air and to hear the birds singing. And it is especially nice to know that in less than 2 hours my husband and daughter will be home and then we'll have the whole evening and weekend together.

Happy Friday and I hope anyone reading has a great weekend.

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Meghan said...

Sorry. It has to be hard to be stuck in bed or on the couch on days like this. Maybe make yourself a bright least your allergies won't get too bad???

I'll talk to you early next week about maybe a visit??