Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29 -- 1 week and 1 day old

I have so much to say and indeed there are a couple of half-written posts floating around, but somehow the days get away from me!

Yesterday our little B was one week old. I still can hardly believe he's here and he's ours. When thinking about the last week, well really the last 10 weeks, I feel as if it was all some sort of really weird dream. I'm sure I'll write more about all of that, but for now I thought I'd just post a few pictures I took yesterday at the one week mark.

The frog was the first thing I let myself buy during this pregnancy. I think I bought it after my 2nd or 3rd ultrasound when I felt like things could actually work out.

Little B in Yoga Pose

With Big Sister L -- the jealousy is already showing itself, but for the most part she is still very excited and sweet about her little brother


BagMomma said...

Just adorable!! You are so blessed.

Penny said...

aww, so tiny! That blue shirt looks so big! And big sister jealous? I thought she would be trying to arm wrestle you for the next diaper change.

Congratulations again!

La La said...

Ohhh, he is SO cute! I love when they are first born and still all curled up like they are insdie of your tummy - this is the best time for pics!

Meghan said...

Love his yoga pose. If that isn't an example of zen I don't know what is ;)

Hope you guys are doing well, let me know when you're up for a visit

Anne D. said...

Two gorgeous perfect children!

I love the yoga pose; then in the next pic your daughter is sitting the same way. :-)

Dr.Rutledge said...


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Hez said...

He's gorgeous-- makes me want to scoop him up & cuddle!

serenity said...

The first picture gave me goosebumps.

I'm so happy for you. :)


nutmeg96 said...

Congratulations on your new arrival after a long road! Love the pics of the baby with his big sis. :)

Birdee said...

That bottom picture is so precious, I'd blow that one up and frame it.
You have beautiful children.♥