Thursday, October 16, 2008

High Blood Pressure

The first thing they did at my first appointment with the perinatal practice today was take my blood pressure. After the nurse took it she looked at me and asked if my blood pressure is usually on the high side. I almost laughed because my blood pressure is always good -- as in low. Both my sister in I have always had almost unusually low blood pressure. Anyway, after I laid on my side for a few minutes the nurse took it again and it was much lower. I wasn't too surprised. I suspect if they'd taken my blood pressure at the RE's office before my first 2 ultrasounds the results would have been the same. Despite the success of the prior two ultrasounds, in the 24 hours leading up to today's appointment I was getting progressively more anxious. My indigestion and nauseau have even let up a bit since last Friday, which only added to my worry.

I'm happy to report that everything was fine again today. The nurse practioner who I spent over an hour with was absolutely lovely and the baby measured at 8 weeks 5 days -- right on target. And I finally got an official due date (I'm almost afraid to say it (or write it) out loud) -- May 23rd! Though the nurse did make a comment about scheduling a c-section a couple of weeks ahead of that. I confess I didn't ask too many questions about that because (1) it seems like getting way ahead of things (I'm just looking to get to next scan in 4 weeks) and (2) every OB and RE I've had in the past 4 years has said that given my history and risk factors I'd likely have to have another c-section.

I confess my emotions almost got the better of me today. The office I went to for the intake was actually located in a nearby hospital, in fact it's the one in which I will deliver this baby if we make it that far. While I was registering at the front desk a woman walked up and asked when she and her family could go up to see their new grandchild. I looked over to see what appeared to be several grandparents and some aunts and uncles and I almost lost it. The tears welled in my eyes as it occurred to me that for a long time now I've worried that I'd never be in a position to have anyone visit me after giving birth. I also made me sad as I remembered that when my daughter was born there were no happy hospital family reunions. Between the time I entered the hospital at 30 weeks and when she was discharged from the NICU 7 weeks later we had plenty of visits, but they weren't filled with much joy. Granted, our daughter is now perfectly healthy (save the fever and sore throat we are all now suffering through with her), but it still makes me a little sad thinking about how her birth, and the weeks before and after, was not the joyful time one hopes for. Additionally, it was pretty weird once I got into the antenatal testing office and saw all the big round bellies. We all tend to be shielded from that at the RE's office, but I guess those days are over.

Well, I don't want to end this post on a sad note, because I assure you I'm not in the least bit sad right now. I've got three new ultrasound photos on my dresser upstairs and I AM feeling just as horridly tired as I have been for a few weeks now. So, probably until about a day before my next appointment I expect to be in pretty good spirits--with regard to the pregnancy anyway. ;)


Meghan said...

Glad you've got another good appointment under your belt and some more pictures for the dresser!

Anonymous said...

Glad your appointment went your family and daughter so exicted to finally have another sibling???????