Tuesday, October 7, 2008

72 hours to go!

Truly, my next appointment with my RE is in almost exactly 72 hours -- 9:45 on Friday. If things go well there (please, please, please!) then I'm already scheduled to see the perinatologist on October 16. Right now I'm feeling just slightly queasy and I have an awful headache. I'm too paranoid to take anything (mostly b/c of the blood thinner I'm on), so I'm just trying to drink tons of water, but it's not really helping. The indigestion/queasiness settled in over the weekend. It's not too bad, I'm not vomiting or anything, (and really I'm not complaining I'll take any pregnancy symptom the universe wants to the throw at me -- just let everything be ok, ok?) but it is awfully distracting. Still running to the bathroom constantly to check on things. No more red bleeding. Have a had a few very small brown smudges since last week, but am trying not to worry too much.

Guess I better get back to my self-assessment for work (UGH!)

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Meghan said...

Glad there's been no more red surprises for you. And I guess I'm glad you're feeling sick ;) Hopefully that self assessment will distract you a little before friday!