Thursday, October 2, 2008

More Whining and Worrying

Nothing new to report. Just still nervous. Haven't had anymore red, just a few brown smudges that, I suppose, are to be expected. Nevertheless I am wishing I didn't have to wait 8 more days for the next ultrasound. It's going to be an eternity! My husband is doing EVERYTHING for me. I mentioned that I'd had to stop to get gas on the way home last night, over the course of the evening he must have told me 10 times that he'll do it next time. I feel asleep in my daughters bed last night. Then after my 3 injections and 2 evening pills went to bed at 9:30 and didn't get up until 7am. If only I could sleep through the next week.

I caved in and told my sister yesterday. She called in the afternoon and I realized that no matter what happens with this pregnancy I'll end up telling her anyway so why wait. I completely understand why my mom and sister are so reserved about things, because my husband and I are trying hard to be hopeful but not too excited yet. But still it's sort of sad that when I delivered the news the reaction is so muted. So sad that we can't all just be really excited.

Last, but not least, thanks again for all the comments and support and encouragement. Ladies of the Internet -- you rock!!!

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Penny said...

It would be nice just to sleep through the first trimester, really. Wake up briefly during the second to relish in the new baby kicks and things, and then fall back asleep until labor.

Pregnancy is just a different kind of difficult, really, than trouble TTC.

Glad the bleeding stopped.