Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Another ride on the IVF roller coaster

Well, I just made the call. The one telling my clinic that we decided to go ahead and try the "minimal stim" IVF. I have very mixed emotions about this. I worry about the number of eggs we'll get, I worry about the quality of the eggs, I worry about my decision to stop accupuncture (b/c of the money), but mostly I worry about deciding on a course of action that everyone involved agrees is second best (medically speaking anyway). BUT, second best costs a third of a traditional IVF cycle. Since our insurance coverage just ran out, trying this at least once to see how I respond seems like a logical choice. Still, I'm scared of another failed cycle, and it seems like the odds of that happening go up with the minimal stim route.

On top of all that, I'm sick. Picked up yet another illness from daughter's daycare. She rarely seems to get what's going around (for which I am VERY grateful), but I seem to get it all!

more on my crappy mood later....

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