Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Road of Good Intentions

I’m going to cheat a bit today. Instead of writing a real post, I’m going to post of list of topics that I plan to write on in the near future. Although the purpose of starting this was to help myself cope with this ongoing hell, I haven’t been very good about writing regularly. I thought if I put down on paper a list of things I’ve been thinking about the most, with a promise to myself that I WILL write about them, that I might be more likely to follow up on it. So here’s the list:

Adoption -- specifically do we start down that path now or later?
Privacy -- my husband’s need for it vs. my need to bare my soul.
Fear -- why can’t I call my clinic and make a simple request of one of the nicest nurses in the world without getting nervous, having my hands shake, and wanting to cry.

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littleangelkisses said...

I saw your comment on Pru's blog. Thank you. I too had a preemie. For the longest time (and even now) I had such hatred for women who would complain about being SOOO pregnant. It comes with the territory I think. I hear you, loud and clear.