Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 4 (**Updated at bottom)

In a nutshell, my period started on Friday and I started my meds on Saturday (150 Follistim in the morning and another 150 Follistim plus 150 Menopur in the evening).

After my last cycle was canceled guess what I soo sooo soooo didn’t want to hear this morning – the ultrasound tech asking the RE if I’d started meds. UGH. I really haven’t been worried about the prospect of getting canceled again… until this morning!!!

I hope I’m overreacting. After the tech reported that I had 5 on the right and 4 on the left (or was it the other way around? anyway…), the RE told me that’s normal for where we are. I know I’m pushing 39, but still just once I’d like to be the follicle producing superstar (Imagine fuzzy daydream sequence here -- “wow, look at all those follicles, you’re ovaries are rock stars, there are so many we can’t count ‘em!) Ok, so I know I’m exaggerating and that anyone who’s ever suffered from OHSS is probably cursing me right now right for being so silly about it. Seriously though, when reading about other peoples’ fresh cycles and frozen embryos and FETS and I’ve thought to myself how nice it would be to get enough high quality eggs to actually have something to freeze. Now, I’m just worried that I don’t get canceled again.

** Just listened to the voicemail from the nurse and they are keeping my med doses the same for the next two days. I'm taking this as good news, since last time my doses were increased dramatically with each visit.


Meghan said...

Sorry about the less than stellar ultrasound this morning. Sucks to be up at the crack of dawn, half naked, and get disappointing news. Fingers crossed they all keep on growing and you get slow, steady progress!

deanna said...

Here's hoping that was just some idle chit-chat between the tech and your RE. (But, dang---wouldn't it be nice if they could hand-sign their little dubious discussions, insted of airing them to the listening patient?)

Hoping you'll hear good news shortly that all is moving along well!

CAM said...

I have lots meds if you need anything...seriously. Especially if you have to take the luvenox again...I have like 3 boxes! Let me know...
:) Cam

Bee Cee said...

Glad that they are not dramatically increasing your meds, you must be on track.

And I am so with you on the FET's, the basket overflowing with eggs...I struggle to get 2 to transfer. Hey ho!