Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Daily Regimen

Ok -- right upfront I'll say this is one boring post, but I'm doing it for myself rather than any potential readers. I have a shit memory and I know that whatever the results of this latest attempt I'll have forgotten the details of what I did to try and make it work in no time. So here's how my days go.

6:00am -- alarm goes off, hit snooze button a few times.
All of a sudden realize that daughter is calling "mamaaaaa, mamaaaaa, mamaaaa" over and over again from her bed. Decide I might as well deal since I'm already running late.
Retrieve child from bed and walk her into the bathroom. Have daily discussion that NO I CANNOT take her to school because I need to get to work and school is not yet open. Fix her some breakfast, tell her to be quiet as Daddy is still asleep, jump in shower.
Race around getting dressed, packing my lunch, getting daughter more food or books or markers.
Take my Folgard and my Estradiol pills.
Go through looooooooong kiss and hug routine with daughter, while she begs me not to leave (super sweet, but oooh the guilt!).
Drive, drive, drive to work.
Work, work, work,
After lunch take my prenatal and calcium pills (trying to spread things out a bit)
Drive, drive, drive home.
Pick up daughter from school, get home and try to get dinner ready AND interact with daughter who of course would like to actually play!
Eat dinner, then take second Estradiol pill of the day and stool softener (thanks hormones!)
Get daughter to bed, clean up in kitchen, maybe watch a little tv, do some laundry.
Before bed take second Folgard pill of the day and baby aspirin.
Prep for nightly injections.
Hubby administer's Progesterone injection and I administer Lovenox injection. Play solitaire on my Palm Pilot (the only thing I use it for) and then fall fast asleep.

Of course, you must add in countless fantasizing about this attempt actually working and many, many boob probes (hopefully no one's caught me at this yet -- thank goodness I have an actuall office!).

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DC said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!