Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hormones, Hormones

Well, whether they're pregnancy or pre-period hormones, they're raging. For my sanity, I decided that I would actually take a break from work while I eat lunch. So I read some news online. The first story should have made me angry (and it did), the second should have made me happy (and it did), but, surprisingly, both made me cry! I suppose the added stress of work and the last day of my 2WW is not helping matters. I guess I'll stay away from the news for awhile.


AshPash said...

Bean: Sending positive wishes for good news! We are set for a retrieval next week. Right now I am taking one day at a time and have not even considered what the 2WW will be like!

Hez said...

Good luck!!!! I hope it's pregnancy hormones :)

CAM said...

Oh boy....lets think positive and hope your hcg levels are making you feel this way!
Keep us posted!