Friday, June 15, 2007


Warning: child mentioned below.

For the first time EVER, antibiotics are making me utterly nauseous. I've never experienced this before -- not with the prior 3 IVFs or the 3 bouts of Strep I've had in the past year. I came SO close to pulling my car off the road this morning on the way to work because I felt so awful. The funny thing is, I'm actually hoping that in two to three weeks I'll be feeling this way because the IVF worked and I'm pregnant. If that happens I promise I won't complain about it. But until I can say I'm suffering from nausea because of pregnancy, I reserve the right to bitch and moan about any and all symptoms. So here goes -- even 3 hours after taking the Doxy.cycline I still feel ill, my boobs hurt, my ovaries still hurt, and I’m generally I’m bloated and uncomfortable. With this new protocol, instead of just progesterone, I’m also going to do 3 days of Lu.pron and 6 days of estro.gen patches. I’m kind of dreading how all of that might make me feel.

In other news, we had a great family night last night. Our daughter had a “recital” for her last gymnastics/ballet/tap class. Afterward, we all had dinner at Pot.belly, where she got soup and THREE packages of crackers. She never actually eats all of them, but every time we go she insists that she get three packages. Then we indulged in some B3n & J3rry’s ice cream. As always, she insisted on getting hers in a cone, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen her take even a single bit of the cone.

I’m still nervous about those eggs, and tomorrow morning will not arrive soon enough. Funny, as much as we all hate those 2WW, I’m hoping I’ll have to live through another one real soon.


Leah said...

I will have my fingers crossed for your transfer tomorrow. Then goodness knows I'll be tied up in knots with so many appendages crossed during your 2WW!

CAM said...

Ok...sounds good. Hope all goes well with the transfer! Its an exciting time.
I like "leah's" crossing of appendages about I'll cross my eyes!! HA!

Enjoy the hopeful feelings and be positive!

Tam said...

Checking in, hope that your transfer went well and that your little embies are on board. Welcome to the 2ww!! I'm on prog and estrogen this time round too, not making me feel that diff to just taking prog, hopefully you'll also have an easy time on them!! Good luck :}

Cece said...

Good luck with the transfer!