Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One more hurdle down!

Today's number is ... 4980. Another rise of almost exactly 60 percent.

Before I say more let me say thanks to everyone who has stopped by and commented and offered support, advice, encouragement, hope, etc. I have to confess that while I'm still going to be a bit of a nervous wreck waiting for the next hurdle (next Tues to be exact), I was actually feeling pretty optimistic before today's call. I hope that soon I can be boring everyone with happy pregnancy talk instead of boring you with all my whining about how nervous I am. I know I should feel really grateful to be where I am (and I do!), but I've been here before and then had the rug pulled out from under me at the first ultrasound - twice. So please forgive me if I keep prattling on about how paranoid and nervous I am.

Onto the nitty gritty. The nurse told me the next step was to schedule an ultrasound for next week. I momentarily freaked out, because, well, "isn't that kind of early? Why does he want me to come in so soon, does he suspect something is wrong?" "Noooo, she explained calmly, it's because they base the timing of the ultrasound on the first day of my cycle. Because the FET was done later in my cycle the ultrasound seems early, but they need to stick to the 'standard'." She confirmed that they would not likely see a heartbeat by next week, but that they want to make sure everything is in the right place. I must have asked her 3 times
if my Dr. was worried but she kept saying no.

Thanks again for going through this with me -- it helps tremendously to be able to share this.


Meghan said...

Wooohooooo!!!!!!!! So excited. And let me know if I can help on the distraction front Monday

Hez said...

Happy pregnancy talk sounds like fun :) Hope things keep going in a positive direction for you so you can bore the heck out of everyone (just teasing!)

Shelby said...

Yes!! Bring on the happy pregnancy talk!! I can't wait to hear how the ultrasound goes!

Jewels said...

YAY! I'm so glad everything is turning out okay. GL with the U/S.

p.s I tagged you. See my blog for details :D