Monday, September 22, 2008


Today is going to be hard because while I've got plenty of things on my to do list at work I have no meetings or imminent deadlines to keep me distracted. Yesterday, however was a different story. I kept myself pretty busy with baking and yardwork. I also got a little help from my girl who, in keeping with the recent theme, wanted to play "Mommy's having a baby". So, twice yesterday I was conscripted to play the part of the pregnant mom. During the first go round I had to put her baby doll in my shirt and lie in bed and moan. Then she (playing the role of teenage daughter) would come in and escort me to the doctor (her room), where she would take on the role of doctor and show me the baby on the ultrasound machine (a book). The second go round later in the day I actually gave birth to triplets -- a giraffe, a dog, and a cat. Otherwise the story was pretty much the same, except we added in a trip to the baby store (her room). Later in the day, when she had a friend over for a playdate, I walked into her room to find them playing "baby shower" and this time my daughter was the one with several animals shoved up her shirt. As I was saying good night to her last night, she told me that she didn't think just her wishing for a baby would be enough so she had asked her friend to wish too. The whole theme is a little bittersweet, but she's so earnest about the whole thing it mostly makes me laugh. In case you're wondering we have not mentioned a word about any of our babymaking or adoption efforts to her. Truly she'd have to be a mind reader to know anything. Oh, and she learned about the ultrasound from this book , which she picked out months ago at the bookstore.

Sometimes I'm not sure who wants a baby more, me and my husband or our daughter!


Jewels said...

I love reading about how you go along with her play, what precious moments for you.

Jendeis said...

She's so awesome! I heart you both!

Leah said...

She is just adorable. Almost makes you forget the times she's a raving lunatic monster, huh?

You already know how hard I've been praying for you, but I think I'll amend my thoughts to ensure that you do NOT actually give birth to a giraffe, dog or cat. While you'd make lots of cash via The Enquirer, it would cause lots of other challenges. For starters, I think they all have different gestation periods so you'd have to figure out delivery right off the bat. :-)

I know you are scared, and it's okay. I agree with the description of "sheer terror", so true. I can sit here until the cows come home telling you that it's going to be alright (although I obviously don't know that for sure, but it seems like the right thing to say) and that it's all out of our hands and that whatever it's going to be, it already is, etc. But none of that actually takes away the red hot anvil sitting in your stomach right now.

Worst of all is that once you cross this hurdle, there are dozens more that will make you break into a cold sweat. We'll be there to hold your hands before, and to whoop it up celebrating afterwards. One day at a time...

Meghan said...

I was wondering how on earth she knew about ultrasounds!

Know that I'm thinking and waiting with you...have you started obsessively checking your voicemail yet??? I know I'm stalking your blog ;)